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Alex connector Co., Ltd

Company Introduction

Established in 1982, ALEX Connector Co., Ltd. is a high-quality electronic connector manufacturer. The ALEX has over 30 years of manufacturing technology and experience. As the pioneer and innovator of Taiwan electronic connection, The ALEX has established excellent reputation in the connector industry. With the rapid...


Side Entry / .020"(0.50mm) ZIF FPC FFC Contact SMT Type 7903-xx-x
Vertical Header / .093"(2.36mm) WTB Connectors 8891-xxW
Vertical Header / .250"(6.35mm) Power Connectors 9635-xxWFP-S
Mini Fit Vertical Header / .165"(4.20mm) Power Connector 9359-xx
Vertical Headers / .098"(2.50mm) Wire-to-Board Connectors 2573-xx
Side Entry Type / .079"(2.00mm) Ultra-Small Wire-to-Board Connectors 2018-xxSM
Right Angle Header, SMT / .059"(1.50mm) Wire-to-Board Connectors 1516-xx
Vertical Header / .059"(1.50mm) Wire-to-Board Connectors 1513-xx
Side Entry Header, SMT / .039"(1.00mm) Wire-to-Board Connector 1004-xx